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Publié : 7 octobre 2016

ERASMUS + Project LEMON 2015-2017

The vocational school Françoise de Grâce is a public school. It is located in Normandy, in a needed class area of Le Havre. It offers BTEC National Diploma in a dedicated school. Its gives to volunteer pupils an European section for a three year period. The European section is a way of increasing the selling skills in English and developing English commercial culture. To get a BTEC "baccalauréat” European Certificate, these youngsters have a specific assessment. In particular, it involves an oral exam in selling with a sketch and a sales trainee description.
During the school curriculum, pupils have a 22 week period of specific training to pass their exam. The teaching team has offered that 3 week work placement will be in England, in several shops and associations. During this period, these youngsters will need to stay in several families, in Sussex.
Over a period of two years, we have selected two highly motivated groups of seven and nine students who have chosen the European section. In addition to the 3 hours a week in English, the chosen attend a selling course one or two hours a week according to the forms, over three years. They are aged between 17 and 19 years old. These groups include approximately 40% scholarship students. Most of them have never gone abroad. It should be underlined that our pupils have learning disabilities, lack of openness, and life encounters.

So, in order to remedy to the inherent difficulties, our school has decided to participate in Erasmus +, the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport.
For training, our vocational school has embarked on the LEMON programme, a new project which means European “Lycée” (school) for a New Mobility.
LEMON project targets three objectives : to achieve professional success and social inclusion, to promote active citizenship, and to develop an exchange programme on the long range.
More specifically, we would like to :

  • Give greater meaning in school activities and to promote success at school
  • Develop students’ interest for European Union
  • Develop a spirit of openness and interculturality
  • Reinforce learning of English
  • Facilitate graduation of the European certificate and the mobility certificate
  • Educate students about citizenship with an important animation at school
  • Improve skills, autonomy, respect, sharing, social integration
  • Develop a matching students programme with an English vocational school.

In response to academic of Rouen and resume our school project : our strategy is to use mobility, inclusion, interculturality, immersion, participative pedagogy.
In order to achieve all of these, we use a placement agency to :

  • Supervise the enrolment of each
  • Help us to find traineeships and families to respond to students needs.

To get students ready, we have managed to set up : training shop, role play, trying to make them discover professional work, promotional advertising material, work on selling technics. We will use specific documents : Europass curriculum vitae, Europass Mobility, language passport, a list of tasks which can be done, work report, training agreement, training certificate, evaluation for training periods, an individual follow-up to valid competency, diplomas, and skills. Three teachers will stay on site to follow students improvement on a weekly basis.

We will dissimilate information about our activities. We will use blog, debate, press release, networks...
The impacts can be detailed as follows to :

  • Get a higher education and to open up students to the world of work.
  • Open their mind
  • Obtain a real European recognition of qualification
  • Improve educational outcomes
  • Exchange teaching practices with England
  • Generate positive buzz around Europe.
  • Make vocational education more attractive
  • Make our vocational school more appealing to students

We have a dream !
Provide a better life for all with a better comprehension of each other without border in culture or social status.