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Publié : 26 avril 2017

Request for partnerships

School exchanges

The project of Lycée Françoise de Grâce is to set up a regular exchange of one week or two on a long term basis between a retail class of the vocational part of the school with one or two secondary schools in Europe.

The idea is to create with you an exchange partnership. We also want to set up a label entitled European vocational school.

We will welcome your students ; we will find accommodation and internships for them, and in return we expect the same.

We wish to start with a group of 15 students (if possible of « premières » : one year before the ‘A’ levels in Retail, in Hospitality or Health and Social Care.

The languages used to communicate will be English, Spanish, German and French.

To contact us : 0762976x@ac-rouen.fr to the attention of Patrick Garcia