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Publié : 16 septembre 2019

Conclusion European Project LEM - Erasmus +

Erasmus + + +

Results of the Erasmus project

The LEM Erasmus + project for the creation of a European vocational school is a success with 39 students from the Françoise de Grâce school.
All participants were satisfied with the mobility. The objectives of social and professional inclusion, language and European citizenship have been achieved. The project also promoted autonomy, guidance, reinforcement of professional skills, school life, pupils’ results with 4 very good and 4 good grades, many European grades and 100% of graduates. The dynamics of the project are considerable and go beyond the framework of mobility. The dissemination is exceptional with 1105 students and 153 teachers involved in different European projects. 18 actions were directly related to mobility, such as the labelling of European Parliament European School with the official inauguration of a D Riquet MEP in our school, a remarkable celebration of the European Day. LEM a real successful European project !